One of the main things that attracted me to this house when we purchased it was the outlook – our master bedroom is not huge, but the outlook is fantastic! We get to enjoy 180 degree views of the valley without even leaving the bed. Not to mention we have easy access to the gorgeous, sunny deck. It was these features that helped me see past this dark dated room…


And imagine it could become this light, airy and beachy room…

IMG_9205 (Large)

I just love the colour blue we chose! It’s my perfect shade and really makes the white wood features pop…

IMG_0954 (Large)

I get a few people asking me how it feels to live in a blue room and whether we find it “cold”, but we really don’t. I think that probably has a lot to do with the fact that our room gets all day sun, and we have a lot of light from floor-to-ceiling windows.

All that floor-to-ceiling glass is a feature of our room that I both love and hate. Because, although we have amazing views and natural light, on a more practical level it means that we have very little wall space to work with, and are consequently limited in how much furniture we can have. Since our wardrobe is not large, that lack of storage issue is possibly my only frustration about an otherwise perfect space. Recently, when Mr Flutter moved back to a NZ job, I had to learn to share the wardrobe again. I suppose it was worth the sacrifice to having him home full-time again. [I’m kidding, obviously.]

The renovations in the master bedroom were quite straight forward. Firstly I had to strip all the ceiling plaster off…


That stuff was awful. It was actually painless to strip off, in fact it came off so easily you could practically scratch it off with your fingernail. But, but it was a messy, dusty and cobwebby job. I’m sure our lungs are a lot happier now it’s gone!

I had scraped bins and bins full of the stuff by the time I’d finished with the house!…

photo (27) (Large)

Then we just had to paint, paint and more paint…

Master Bedroom Progress

Painting wood panelling, and louvre doors is rather tedious. They require 1 coat of primer and at least 2 coats of top coat, depending on the original colour and colour of topcoat used. It is a lot more work than a flat surfaces, but it is SO worth it. The texture achieved is amazing and our house has so much character.

I just love the end result!

master bedroom before after

It’s our perfect haven. Light, bright, airy and fresh.

Back again soon to show you Hannah’s room…

Blog ending

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  1. It’s lovely I love the beachy feel I’m about 25 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Cape Cod!

    I have to ask…did you or hubby hesitate when it came to painting those beautiful knotty pine wallboards? I live in Massachusetts and a lot of people have knotty pine in at least one room (older homes) and say they would NEVER think about painting it lol….I know rather rigid but……….

  2. Oh Kat, it looks just lovely!! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Guess you’ve been busy. 🙂 Busy is good.

  3. love it Kat. I’m so impressed with your hard work. My Dad has a wonderful saying he said a lot (for Mum and us 5 daughters) and that was “you’re some woman, for one woman” it’s very apt for you x

  4. I love the transformation, Kat, it is very lovely and light. however, I am surprised that you have covered the lovely windows. Why is that? Nosey neighbours?

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