When we first viewed our home, Hannah’s room (to be) looked like this:


It wasn’t a bad room… In fact, in many ways Hannah got the best bedroom in the house; it wasn’t as cold as the other two – it gets almost all day sun, and the curtains & wardrobe colours weren’t quite as directly 70s as our other rooms were, with their brown & green striped curtains…

IMG_5812 (2)

While purple, lavender and yellow together aren’t my first choice, there were definitely other rooms I liked less!

Because the ceiling wasn’t in the best of repair, the first thing we did in Hannah’s room was to get the asbestos men to remove the ceiling asbestos plaster.



Then we gave it the magic paint brush treatment…

Hannah's Room Progress Week 2 (Large)


We used the Dulux colour Sandy Day for the walls in Hannah’s room, and white trim. Sandy Day is a lovely butterscotch, caramel colour, which looks like it would taste yummy, and goes with everything. {I haven’t told you the colours we used in the other bedrooms because I can’t remember them and I gave away the left over paint. For some reason this name sticks in my head.}

Painting the room really lightened it up, and made it feel fresh, clean and airy.

I particularly like the lights we chose for the girls’ rooms. They are made from bamboo, and can be purchased from Lighting Plus.


Here is the finished room:

IMG_9189 (Large) e

IMG_9192 (Large) e

IMG_9193 (Large) e

It’s hard to believe I made this quilt way back in 2011! It’s still a favourite and going strong.

As we did with Abbie’s room, we opted to leave the wardrobe doors off in this room, to make full use of the floor space…

IMG_9196 (Large) e

It means a little more mess on display, but it gives the room colour and a lived in feel.

We also followed the same suit as Abbie’s room with the curtains, after an initial curtain fabric fail meant we could not have my first choice of fabric. After months of indecision I finally opted to move the net voils to the front track, and have a thermal lining curtain made for the back track. This is a very affordable option for those wanting custom-made drapes on a budget, and the voils give the room that soft, luxurious feel, despite the much smaller price tag!

Another thing we opted to do through the entire house, which was a big investment overall, was to re-track the curtain tracks. The previous tracks were all too short for the windows, which meant instead of drawing the curtains completely off the glass, half the window stayed covered with fabric. This cut down on light significantly, created fading and mould growth, and meant our premium views were inhibited. It was ideal! The old tracks were also dark-brown, which didn’t really go with our new colour scheme. Even though it was a bigger investment, we went for the double track option. This gives us full flexibility and means that we can have the option of both the thermals and voils drawn at night, for the best thermal effect, just the voil drawn during the day, to block out any harsh summer sunlight, or have everything drawn back in winter, to let the winter sun warm the room. Another tip was that in the rooms with doors, we had 1 big curtain made instead of 2 curtains. Which means that the door is completely clear of fabric when the curtain is drawn off to one side. If you are ever building, or renovating, curtain tracks and curtains over doorways are something you may not have considered, but you would be surprised how important they are in the functionality of a room…

IMG_1105 e

All in all I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It’s certainly cleaner, brighter and fresher than it was before…

Hannah's room 3

Little miss Hannah sure loves her room!

Kat Soper_4131


What room would you like to see next?

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