I haven’t been feeling very well this week…
Constant headaches and really low energy have seen me napping during the day & in bed early at night. I’m not sure exactly what the cause but I’m hoping whatever it is leaves me ASAP so that I can resume a more comfortable life!!

But last week before losing all my energy I got to spend some time catching up on bee blocks…

For Nicky in Sew & Bee-Happy

Leona's block for July sew & bee-happy
{I do apologize, I have absolutely no idea why blogger keeps wanting to turn that first photo around. But I’m afraid I have no will to phaff about trying to fix it tonight.
You will have to forgive me and turn your head…}

For Wendi in Sew & Bee-Happy

October Sew & bee-happy block for Wendi
For Annabella in CARE do.good stitches bee

oct bee blocks (Large)

It always feels such a relief at the moment to get up to date with my bee blocks.
If only they would parcel themselves all up and walk themselves to the post office it would be marvellous then that would be another job off my to do list 🙂

Just one more block to make and then I will be finished with bees for a little while. Sew & Bee-Happy is coming to an end and will take a break for a while at least for Christmas or longer, assuming there will be a round 3, and I have officially given notice to my CARE do.good stitches bee that I need to take a break.
It was a hard decision but one that needed to be made.
– With everything that has gone on this year (and continues to go on in the background) I just need a break from bees for a few months to have more time to indulge in personal sewing.

But I’m sure I won’t be “bee-less” for too long. So watch this space…

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  1. I love Bee’s because it forces me sometimes to think out of my comfort zone… But it also sometimes present some pretty hefty deadlines that can be hard to juggle with everyday life.

  2. I too wish you to feel better, I am in the grasp of a bad cold. I love your bee blocks, that is what I am doing this weekend – catching up on the bees.

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