I’m not going to lie, this is something I’ve been really grappling with for myself recently…

I am *usually* a really

  • Future focused
  • Optimistic
  • Motivated and
  • Positive person

But, over the last two years, I feel like I’d let my true self become “sick”.
I haven’t had Covid.
But Covid had made me sick regardless…

I was feeling stuck.
And it was really easy to blame my circumstances.
The worlds circumstances…

But actually, it was a “stuck” of my own making!

I now recognise that I had started to operate from a position of fear.

  • Fear of what I might catch
  • Fear of what I could lose
  • Fear for mine and my children’s futures

It took me a while to recognise this again and call myself out on this.
But by identifying this, I was able to move away from operating in fear, and I could step into F A I T H.

I was able to:

  • Tap into my own power again.
  • Take control of how I reacted to external circumstances.
  • Communicate my dreams to my family again.
  • Get them on board with my dreams.
  • And create a plan to make them happen.

For me, this looked like shaking up my entire life and moving my family across the world to England.
Because this, is my ultimate dream.
And the only thing stopping me doing it this year, was my own fear!

I share this today, because this shows up in our lives from all different angles.

For me – it was stopping me doing a BIG thing.
But for you, it might be stopping you doing a SMALL thing.

  • Maybe it’s stopping you firing a client you hate working with, because you’re scared of the loss of income.
  • Maybe it’s stopping you writing the hard email back to the customer, because you’re scared of the response.
  • For me, it also shows up as stopping me writing and sharing my thoughts with others, for fear of judgement.

But if we live life in fear, and focus on the “lack”, the “lack multiplies” and we live a life of scarcity…
If we live a life of FAITH, and focus on the abundance, then we live an abundant life.

I’m so pleased I recognised this in myself and was able to change my perspective.

This morning, I was also able to help a client recognise it for herself…

She has been having a crap time with a client, and it’s been taking a lot of energy, but she’s been scared to let him go because of the loss of income.I encouraged her to think about what could happen if she channelled her energy into finding a better client.

We met this morning, and she told me that she left our session feeling an immense shift, to a place of real joy.
Well, she just called me a few hours later to say she’d just had an incredible referral come in of a company overjoyed to work with her.
She said: “can you believe it Kat?!!!”
I was like “yes, I can totally believe it.”

Because for me, it happens every.damn.time I change my energy from fear to faith.

And that’s what I wanted to share this with you today…

Because if it’s a pattern you can see in yourself, then what small brave step could you take today, to help you shift gears and engage your faith?

With love,
Kat xx

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