Remember back to a few months ago when The FUNC came for a visit?
Ever wondered where he ended up on his journey?
Well, so did we…
But unfortunately the FUNC decided to go a bit missing in action (MIA) after he had his holiday with us. These things happen occasionally.

Rhonda is convinced that I grew so attached to him that I just couldn’t bear to part and decided to keep him all to myself.
Pffft… of course that’s what happened Rhonda, how could I not love him enough to keep him all for myself 😉

I think that he just decided to go off on his own way & see what exciting adventures he could have.

So, as it appears that he’s having too much fun on his new leg of the journey to let us know where he is, Rhonda & I decided to give ‘the FUNC’ a facelift…

I picked out my very “best” fugly fabric and Ta daaa… I present to you the new FUNC…

Those of you who are very observant will notice that the FUNC’s new face lift has morphed him from a needle case into a pouch… 
Measuring 4 x 6 inches he now hosts the perfect space for tucking a little something inside for the next host/hostesses enjoyment and so on.

Sooooo…. lets hope this FUNC can make it to Rhonda safely in the next few weeks where she has a few additions she wants to make as well before the next leg of his adventure.
And then he’ll be off back on his world trip again! Exciting times!
Fingers crossed he’s a good little boy this time and can stay on route 🙂

You can track his journey and see links to all his adventures here…

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  1. Eeeeek! You finally found a use for THAT fabric! Too funny. I am sure that FUNC has just gone walkabouts and like all good walkabouts he may be gone a while. Hope he took photos along the way though.

  2. That’s just too funny that it got lost in the post. I expect the post office staff who open the lost parcels are sitting there thinking “what the heck is this?” :oD

  3. I am so upset that the original little horror has been whisked away to places unknown – I was thinking about him the other day!
    The transvestite brother is a great replacement though!

  4. I was thinking just the other day whatever happened to the FUNC although I really thought I’d read a blog post recently where he’d turned up. Must have dreamt it! Fab replacement!

  5. Well the first FUNC had a thing about hanging about on slow boats anyway. Maybe he had taken off to sea, nice to see you have a replacement.

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