Hi Everyone

I am SO excited to announce that I have a HUGE feature week coming up on my blog shortly

14-20 February 2011….

Many of my (real life) friends have started Blogs recently. Since I started mine a few months or so before them, and I am involved in quite a few online bees & swaps, I’ve been having a few questions asked of me about how to do… what is expected about…. and basically questions pertaining to whether there is an unwritten “bloggy etiquette”. Since I’m only new to blogging myself, I sure don’t have all (if any) of the answers and it’s got me wondering as well!

So, as an attempt to answer to these questions I’ve decided to host the following week:

It will be a HUGE WEEK!!
– An opportunity to celebrate the awesome world of blogging, with an emphasis on things such as different ways to handle comments, correctly linking back to resources (including other peoples blogs), copy right information & tips on how to keep ourselves and our “work” safe from identity thieves, and many other interesting topics…
It will be a week jam packed full of constructive & helpful information about blogging. So whether you are a newby blogger or an oldy (heh heh take that how you will lol…) blogger I’m sure there will be something for you.

I have 6 awesome and experienced international bloggers lined up to guest post and give their perspectives & tips. One of whom is in her 6th year (wow) of blogging, another of whom teaches copyright stuff, and all of whom are totally awesome widely read bloggers.

So can I encourage you to put the word out. It would be great if as many people could be part of the discussion as possible so that we can all learn from each other, keep ourselves protected as best we can, make sure we give correct credit where credit is due etc… etc…

Many thanks

PS Feel free to put this button on your blog. I have no idea how to make an html code button so I’m afraid you’ll have to just save it to your pc and upload it the “old fashioned” way LOL…

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  1. I’m pretty excited about this, and I’m especially interested in hearing more about copyright. I’m not so much worried about protecting my own work as I am curious about the real rules and regulations surrounding use/reprinting/etc. of others’ work. From my (albeit somewhat limited) understanding of copyright, it seems like there are a few VERY popular bloggers who flirt with (or trample all over) the line between sharing their own creations and violating another’s copyright. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the ins and outs of acceptable behavior from someone who knows their stuff!

  2. Can’t wait. I stalked blogs for quite awhile before I started my own because I didn’t want to break any (un)written rules. It’ll be nice to see what some of the “oldies” have to say about it.

  3. Definitely will be some much read posts Miss, I’m looking forward to hearing what some of these bloggers have to say – especially when dealing with ‘pinching’ stuff and giving credit etc! Interesting!

  4. Interesting! looking forward to the ‘how to keep ourselves and our “work” safe from identity thieves’! Will be needing to know this now!
    Good stuff Kat! I like your blog, always alot of practical stuff!!
    xx Stace

  5. What a good idea, I’m really new to blogging and have no idea what to do if things go wrong. I will try to do a link on my blog, I may not be successful but I will try, as you can see I need to follow this closely x

    Emma x

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