Hello, hello, hellloooooooooooooo…..

Can you hear the echo around this empty blog?
I can!
It’s been way too long!

Lets start with the standard questions to catch up shall we?…

How are you?
I’m fine  I’ve had better months really.

You see, life has been really happening this year.
Really, really happening…
The kind of life that is unexpected but makes you sit up straight, take note, and be grateful for the good times!

First my grandmother, who is very dear to me and is one of the major reasons for me moving back to NZ, got diagnosed with bowel cancer. So, the last 2 months have been an emotional roller coaster for my extended family as she yo-yos back and forth between home and hospital in varying states of instability. For a while there it was looking very dire, but I’m pleased to report that she looks to have turned the corner after having her cancer surgically removed last month and as it stands today has been at home for almost an entire week. This is great progress and we are all hugely relieved!
Needless to say I have been soaking up as much time with her these last few months as possible and helping out where ever I can!

Then last month my Mother became unexpectedly ill and I was called in to help care for her. She’s very well now but that was a stressful few weeks and it demanded a lot of my time while I helped out my Dad with keeping the home fires burning.

And lastly, as if that wasn’t enough going on with my family, I decided to complete the trifecta with a trip to the ER for myself and a few weeks spent mostly in bed…
I have a chronic condition which rares its ugly head every so often and unfortunately this was one of those times. Perhaps one day soon when I’m brave enough I will tell you the full story, but the short story for now is that at this point only surgery (and copious amounts of pain killers) can help me move on. Until then I have to live with the pain it entails.
Quite frankly I could do with out it, but we don’t get to chose these things unfortunately!!!

So there you go, that there is what I’ve been up to for the last few months while I have not been blogging
(or sewing!) (or studying!) (or doing anything remotely exciting!).

hannahs picture march 14

Hannah’s art work. I love how she drew me & Mr F as fish looking at each other!!

It all sounds pretty dismal (and at times it has been) but for the most part it has just been taking up a lot of my time.
Time which would otherwise usually be spent doing other things and sharing life with you guys.
My friends and family have been so helpful and encouraging to me during this time though, and I’m SO thankful to everyone for their support! I could not have coped without my army of awesome people backing me. You know who you all are! Thank you so much!!!

I am really hopeful that we have all turned the corner now and that the bundle of ill health was just a blip on our radar to make us appreciate our good health the rest of the time.
But just in case I’m not making any promises about resuming regular blogging.

I’ll just promise to blog when I feel like it. Because I’m quite enjoying it that way to be honest.
I do have lots of ideas in my head to share, it’s just a case of prioritising though and family comes first.

Until next time

Blog ending

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  1. Goodness gracious, Kat! Illness after illness. Remember to take good care of yourself first – you can’t look after others until you look after yourself. Tell me if I can do anything for you. I’m pretty good at this nursing thing now 🙂 xx

  2. Oh man what a rough month. But I also feel like a confirmation that this move was the right decision for your family! I hope everyone is feeling better soon

  3. What a crap time you’ve had of it! We also had a rubbish March with my eldest being poorly but he is on the mend now and it shouldn’t happen again. And as you said, Thank goodness for family and good friends, their help and support has really been invaluable. The tough times really do help you to see what is important in life don’t they?! I hope the rest of the year is less rocky and full of good health for your family!

  4. Wow Kat, what a shocker of a month. Let’s hope it improves from here. I am guessing stress might be a trigger for your health.

    Take care of yourself & your loved ones & celebrate that you are in NZ with them. You would be so cranky if you were still in Oz.

    Keep breathing.

  5. It never rains but it pours, at least you had it all in one lump rather than strung out over a year. I am happy to read of your Grandmother’s progress, all cancer is horrible but Bowel cancer is particularly scary. I hope that your condition is soon resolved and you can resume your life of choice rather than necessity. Take care. Pam x

  6. So sad to hear about your roller coaster! this really is not a great time and I so hope you are all feeling much better now. Enjoy every minute with your family.

  7. Tough times to be sure! I’m glad to see that things have made a good turn for you all. Many, many big hugs to you!!!

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