After a 2.30am start yesterday, 1 hour drive to the airport, 2 flights with tired children {read grumpy children} and another long drive home, we’ve made it home in one piece fairly unscathed from the experience.
16 hours of travel.
So boy were all three of us pleased to be finally home at the end of that!!

Within an hour and a half of arriving home I had fed the kids and fully unpacked.
That made me feel very virtuous!
In reality I was only so productive because it was 1.30pm when we arrived home and I knew if I sat down I would be asleep within minutes.
So I figured I may as well do something productive to keep myself awake!

We have survived the first night of jetlag induced interrupted sleep.
It’s always much worse coming in this direction!
The kids were in bed by 5pm.
I then enjoyed some dozey peace and quiet for a couple of hours until all hell broke loose.
At 7pm littlest was bought into my bed followed by an hour of hysterical screaming and thrashing (hers not mine). Pure exhaustion and desire to be asleep I think. Very unpleasant for all involved whatever it was!
Hers weren’t the only tears in the end (I hadn’t slept in 24 hours – wasn’t my idea fun not being able to comfort her in any way!).
The other arrived in my bed at 1am after littlest started up the hysterics again.
Luckily a cup of milk for both later & I managed to coax them both to sleep until 4.30am.
Not a bad effort.
Hannah slept the best out of the 3 of us, but it remains to be seen how she copes with school today…

Apart from that we are having a ball being at home. The kids made short work of reacquainting themselves with  their toys. In fact it took Hannah all of 1 minute to ask if she could dress up!!
As I speak they are both taking their babies for a walk around the house in their push chairs.
In their high heels.
As you do.

After I take Hannah to school today my agenda is to start to sift through my 400 odd emails and catch up. Yikes how quickly they mount up!
Apologies to those who are waiting on a reply from me – particularly a few of my pattern testers- I will endeavour to get those replies out asap!! 🙂

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