Sooooo…. we had a busy weekend moving our entire house around! Well it pretty much felt the entire house – 3 rooms is half of our house in any case…

It’s been a move that has been cooking in the back of my mind for a few months and it was just time to finally bite the bullet and do it.
Three little words explain it all…
I need sleep!!!
Uninterrupted sleep that is.
Since (As you know) Abbie has been continually sick since at least May, two things have happened as a result… 1) Abbie took to sleeping with me pretty full time. Or on me if we’re being specific. Which has of course created a very strong habit, apparently not so easily broken just because she now finally has a clean bill of health! And the protest if Abbie doesn’t get what she wants is vast {to say the least} no matter what the hour.
2) I established with myself that I need to slow down on the work/sewing front and focus on the home front while I was/am needed to a greater degree.
With both these factors in mind it was time to suck it up and give the girls their own bedrooms. 
– If I’m not “working” then I just can’t justify a whole room in the house for my craft, and with the girls in the same room as each other it was just way too hard to break the habit of Abbie sleeping with me without disturbing Hannah as well. Even if she does do a good impression of sleeping like the dead… I don’t even think the dead could sleep through Abbie’s night time protests!
So move we did…
We moved my sewing room from our third bedroom back into the corner nook of our sitting room (previously used as a toy corner)…
Moved Hannah into our third bedroom (previously my office)…
Hannah has LOVED being the beneficiary of my whiteboard & pinboard!!
And Abbie now has a lot more space just for her in what was the girls shared room…
In moving my office down in size I had to obviously downsize my gear at the same time. Two of my business machines have been retired away in boxes for the time being.
It took me a while to come around to the tough decision, (making the reduction of my business so final) but I have to say that now I have it’s quite liberating. It is freeing having 1 (or few) focuses instead of 3 or more!
And quite honestly, while there are so many “balls still up in the air” for our family I just don’t have the brain space to run a business at the same time to the scale I was for the first 5 months of the year.
In saying that I still do plan on taking sewing jobs & doing the occasional markets.
Did you notice my nice new curtains?

I made quick & easy curtains on Monday by over-locking (serging) layer cake squares of two of my favourite fabric ranges together. They make me so happy. But more importantly they are doing a great job of protecting my fabric…

Loving my “new” floor to ceiling shelving!!!
That’s what you get when you cross a clever hubby & 8 sets of already owned shelves.
(I stole the girls toy shelves & added my own sewing shelves on top)
Of which I think it’s fair to say I have no shortage of!
And I haven’t even bought any since June – just as well really!!!
Today I also sewed a new bunting for Hannah.
It is not a big start, but it is a start.
Bee blocks are definitely next on the list!!

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  1. so happy to hear your little one is doing so much better! Your room changes are great and I love your curtain, the fabrics are of my favorites too! The shelves are perfect storage! And I must mention your fabric is sooo pretty! Hope you have a great day (and sleep tonight)!

  2. The changes look awesome, Kat! I love the fact that you have left Abbie in the bedroom furtherest away from you :-p (That is if I am remembering your house layout correctly…)

    Good on you for taking a deep breath and figuring out what will work best for you and your family. xx

    P.S. I REALLY must make some bunting for my girls. Oh, and get curtains for their rooms…

  3. Must have been a difficult choice for you, but it looks great and I’m sure that some wonderful creations will come out of that new corner! Love the curtain by the way!

  4. Wow what a change up. I like how everything is fresh and bright. Loving the shelving with the cute curtain. You have confirmed my going with a simple pattern works best.
    I hope your plan works and she starts sleeping in her own room. =D

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