The After Mass…


    I hope you all had (or are having if you are on the other side of the world to me) the most fabulous Christmas!!!

    We did.

    I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with the low down on our Christmas Day, assuming Mr Linky fixes my linky feature in time for the Nosey Parker post to go up tomorrow.

    In the meantime this is what my today (Boxing Day) looks like…

    (Through the words of Dr Seuss…)

    The news
    Just came in
    From the County of Keck
    That a very small bug
    By the name of Van Vleck
    Is yawning so wide
    You can look down his neck.

    This may not seem
    Very important, I know.
    But it is. So I’m bothering
    Telling you so.

    A yawn is quite catching, you see. Like a cough.
    Is just takes one yawn to start other yawns off…
    NOW the news has come in that some friends of Van Vlecks
    Are yawning so wide you can look down their necks.

    At this moment, right now,
    Under seven more noses,
    Great yawns are in blossom.
    Their blooming like roses.

    The yawn of that one little bug is still spreading!
    According to latest reports, it is heading
    Across the wide fields, through the sleepy night air,
    Across the whole country toward every-which-where.
    And people are gradually starting to say,
    “I feel rather drowsy, I’ve had quite a day.”

    Creatures are starting to think about rest,
    Two Biffer-Baum Birds are now building their nest.
    They do it each night. And quite often I wonder
    How they do this big job without making a blunder.
    But that is their problem.
    Not yours. And not mine.
    The point is: They’re going to bed.
    And that’s fine.


    (In the words of Kat…)

    A happy few days
    A monumental work shift
    A strong sense of self
    Then the littlest rift…

    The glow of year hard
    Slowly comes to an end
    With tears of exhaustion
    And hugs from a friend.

    Fatigue and weariness
    Unsettled and tense
    With so many questions
    Towards our future – suspense!

    So an all day bed fest
    Though unscheduled will remedy
    My sore soul and joints
    Of this I have certainty.

    Sleeping, and resting
    And stroking new quilt
    Snuggling, and dreaming
    Shifting back littlest tilt.

    All is right and will be
    With rest and renew
    Though I would not change past
    – No surprise to me, nor I bet you!

    I like to be busy
    And will remain so I’m sure
    But even busy girls need rest
    To relax and restore.

    I’ll be back really soon
    And rearing to go
    Because rest, while a need
    Does challenge – I don’t like to be slow!…

    So I’ll end this poem
    Which while fun, must close
    And continue lazing in bed
    Which I thought best to disclose.


    So far my rest day has gone like this…

    7am wake up call from kids
    – nudge husband out of bed to deal with it
    Go back to sleep

    9am wake up call from kids
    – smile at husband and kids and talk to them for a minute
    Go back to sleep

    10am – decide to write off plans for the day and spend the whole day in bed instead
    Go back to sleep

    1.08pm – look at disbelief at the clock
    Smile from within at how good that last sleep felt
    Think you must finally be starting to unwind
    Get up for “lunch” – which looks like this…

    Carrot cake, fruit salad, lemon meringue, peach crumble, custard…

    And feel ever so naughty and decadent…

    1.28pm feel ever so slightly gluttonous and sick
    But content
    1.30pm go back to bed

    Stare into space
    Relax more
    Start to smile

    5.30pm get up and have dinner
    Have a spa bath with the kids
    Skype with in-laws
    Bedtime for girls

    Time to enjoy an evening with feet up with my hunny
    Still unsettled and with so many questions (**that is a whole other blog post – will explain soon I promise!)
    But charged and ready for all the new day will bring…
    All the better for taking a day off!

    I hope that your after mass is being just as kind 🙂

    Back (hopefully) tomorrow with Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood Linky – Christmas Edition…
    (Am waiting on linky subscription to renew…)

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    1. A day in bed – Bliss and well deserved!! Take all the time you want to rest, relax and enjoy. If you can’t stop and breathe in the goodness of your life than what is the point?! Now, go back to bed!

    2. You’re quite a poet 🙂 Sounds like a fantastic, relaxing, reviving day. Good for you and I’m sure you’re jumping into today with a new life and energy. xx


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