The story & evolution of this space:

This space began in 2010 just after I had my second daughter. At the time I was a stay-at-home Mum to two daughters and I started this blog as a place to record my journey of learning to sew. The first name of my blog was named “Mummas time to create”, and I blogged using the free Blogger platform.

Over the next year, I really found my “blogging voice” and this space developed into my online diary. I shared my journey of being a Mum, wife, new business owner, quilter and sewer.

I launched my Flutter from.Kat – a handmade design brand in 2011.

This led me to move my blog to WordPress, and change my first owned domain name of

In 2013 my husband and I moved our family back to my homeland of New Zealand. This led to us purchasing a house, which I then spent many months renovating full-time. It was this, project, and being back home with my family, that saw blogging for me naturally drop in frequency out of share busy-ness.

I carried on my Flutter from.Kat brand for the first 18 months back in NZ, successfully having an online shop and being a somewhat regular at the Wellington Underground Markets.

By mid-2014 I had reached my goal of being a stay-at-home mum while my children were really little and I decided I’d like to go back into the formal workforce.

I found the perfect role for me, working for a local Virtual Assistant (VA) Company. I loved this role – I loved serving clients, and the constant learning curve it provided me. I quickly moved up in the Company from a VA, to a Team Leader, and then to become the Head of Training & Projects. But, while I loved what I did, I missed the freedom I used to have – even though my job was virtual to my clients, I still had to rock up to an office each day for office hours. Whereas, prior to having children, I had had my own business, and the freedom I was used to over the last decade – of being both a stay-at-home-Mum and business owner was absent working for a Company.

So, in December 2015 I launched my own company – Helpful and went back to working for myself, but this time around my family.

For the first 18 months, I worked as a Virtual Business Consultant. Despite overwhelming challenges with my family life (my husband off work for 9 months with a head injury, my Dad extremely unwell with gastric cancer, and me being off work for 2 months with a broken wrist), my business was a success and I earned more than I ever had before.

Life was busy and blogging had dropped off my radar of priorities. I had to re-evaluate what my goals were for this blog – did I wish to keep it public? Or, did I wish to close that chapter?

In 2017 I rebranded my business to become The Helpful Academy, which it still goes by today.

This became my priority between 2017 - 2022, as I grew the business to a handful of customers to hundreds of customers worldwide. In that time I also great my online courses from 0 to over 40, and created my signature Take Flight Business Growth Program.

Here are some stats about The Helpful Academy that I'm proud of...

Statistics I'm proud of


happy students


step-by-step courses


awesome instructors


actions made easier


come back for more courses!

With the last few years having been spent focusing on business development (not necessarily all by choice - thanks Covid!) I'm ready to bite off the next challenge.

In February 2022 my husband and I have decided to pack our suitcases once again, and head over to the UK.

At this point we don't know how long we'll be going for - it could be 3 months, it could be 9 months, it could be 4 years, or it could be forever!

So, I've decided to dust off my blogging fingers and record this crazy journey.

Welcome to the next chapter...