Finally; a pic of my new haircut & contact lenses as promised…
(Taken this afternoon I should add…)

I feel like I’ve been very absent from this place for months now…
Some by choice, some by necessity.
Not just here in my own writing,
only getting a chance to write in a rush without proofing & really caring how it reads,
but more so certainly in my replies to emails, reading & commenting on other’s blogs’.

I have to say that I fully expected to “back to business” as normal here & on my business website(s) by now.
By months ago actually!!
More or less as soon as Abbie & I returned from London.
But unfortunately life sometimes has had other ideas –
And I just can’t see it letting up for at least another while longer yet either…

I’ve told you a bit of what I’ve been going through with ongoing sick children etc… etc…
Yet believe it or not that is just the tip of the ice berg.
There is so much more that I’m still waiting to be able to tell you!!!…
More about what is going on for us as a family.
More about why I’m mentally absent.
More about why I’m lacking in creativity.

And I’m not so patiently waiting I might add!!
But I still have to wait despite the fact that I don’t want to.

So I just wanted to say a big Thank you!…
Thank you for your continued support via comments & emails!
Thank you for your positive thoughts!
Thank you for your patience while I try and get my life back to a manageable “normal”…

Even when I have been so absent you have all been there for me.
Even when all I have to write about for an entire month is moans about being stuck at home playing nurse maid to (often very ungrateful) children, and the 3 consistent months of very broken sleep that have gone along with it, you have still read & encouraged….
Even when I could just scream with frustration because I haven’t sewn pretty things in so long and I’m just.too.tired to try, you still stop by to say hello and encouragement me not to worry, that I will get the chance to “come back” soon.

And I’m here to say that I really really appreciate it!

So I wanted to thank you with a giveaway…
I have put together a rainbow charm pack especially:

There are 42 charms in total:
7 different colours with 6 different 5 inch squares of each colour.

If you are a follower and would like to win a happy fabric rainbow then please just make a comment to enter. No hoops, just a comment…
And if you have made a comment on either one of my blogs in the last 7 days then please help yourself to an extra entry by making a second comment 🙂

I will draw a winner on (my) Friday at some point of my choosing.

Thank you

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  1. I’ve commented in the last 7 days.

    Can I just say – please don’t think you need to e-mail a reply to me. Heaven knows you have enough on your plate to deal with without adding more to it. :o)

  2. Love the new haircut and contacts! You look so different. In a good way though you looked great before of course.

    And you know I am a follower.

  3. Bless you, love the new ‘do’, hope that helps you feel better. You are so open and honest I love to read your posts and wish I could write like that!
    Sending you lots of good wishes (I’m a follower)

  4. Hi Kat! Your new haircut is fantastic! In spring I cut my long hair (after 4 years) short – haircut makes so big difference.
    I’m your follower but haven’t had enough time to visit all my blog friends lately. Summer is always too busy time. I hope you and your family are fine!
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful fabrics! x Teje

  5. Oh Kat, the tip of the iceberg? I hope it’s really good news!

    You look great! I just can’t wear contact lenses. I wish I could, you look younger with them!

  6. Ummm… who is that in that picture?? Its not you? Surely?? You look so different! I think its the fringe/bangs… Different in a good way, of course.

    We’ll all still be here when you’re back to feeling good xxx

  7. You really have been through the wringer lately. I hope that your glam new look helps to soothe, you are now even more a yummy mummy. Pam

  8. I had to zoom in on pic and do a double take…. you look so different! Great new hairdo 🙂 Sincerely hope Abbey gets sorted out (next week innit?) and that things start going better xxx

  9. Stay strong! I hope that things improve for you and your family soon! And bless you for replying to every comment even though you are completely snowed under. I guess having your blog and loyal followers keeps you connected to the real world, as in the world outside the four walls of your house! I know that feeling, I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and it can be tough looking after them 24/7. Best wishes and thanks for the giveaway x

  10. So lovely of you to give something away to somebody else when you are going through a rough time. Which doesn’t surprise me, you are such a kind hearted person and it’s a pleasure to follow your blog.

  11. I am sorry you are struggling; it sucks when life just wants to keep kicking us in the butt! I hope what you are waiting to announce is something positive and happy that you are looking forward too! You so deserve it.

  12. Well, I am hoping the more is something wonderful but private for now as it is your turn for nice things. The giveaway is lovely and I would make something special if I won.

  13. Here’s to hoping you can get back to a semi-normal life soon.
    I think we all know what it’s like to be in a funk, have sick kids (or in my case a mother in law), be super busy working or just trying to keep the house from turning into a junk pit. We all support you, and each other, in this crazy thing called life.

  14. I’m sorry things have been so hard lately. Believe me, I can totally understand. 10 months of fighting knee pain and 2 surgeries later I think I am finally headed in the right direction.

    Things will all look up soon for you. I feel sure of it.

  15. You look great Kat! Just caught up reading your last few posts. wow. My prayers are with you & your daughters! You have had quite the time of it. I am more thankful now for my two healthy girls! Hope your sweetie has a happy 2nd birthday! Anna’s is next week, but my mom took a tumble this week, & is on the couch with a broken back & heel! It’s really something how quickly your day can change! Will see when we have her party now… {{{hugs}}} to you!

  16. Sending happy thoughts and positive vibes your way – hopefully your new haircut cheers you up a little, I know that always helps me! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win that cute little bundle!

  17. Wow it’s been really insightful to be reading what’s been going on in your life. It’s almost like having a pen pal.
    Hope things start to ease up and get back to normal soon. Sending huge hugs! =D

  18. You surely have enough to deal with at present, and to do a giveaway as well! you are so kind.
    I know you have been reading the comments in the last few days, and you know my thoughts are with you!

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