A slow week…


    It’s been a slow week this week as last weeks cold turned into this weeks sinus infection,
    I needed a THIRD set of antibiotics for this month alone,
    copious amounts of strong pain relief which barely seemed to take the edge off my week long sinus headache
    (have I mentioned how much I HATE taking pills!!!!!)
    and lots of time spent here….

    The view from hear...

    I blame my lack of ability to heal on the sleep deprivation that having sick kids brings.
    Sleep is so precious for healing but unfortunately a limited commodity in this house.

    Today & yesterday I have managed to function somewhat normally for parts of the day,
    But my headache still looms and I’m still sooooo unproductive…
    Nearly at the end of week 2 and I’m really over it!!
    To be perfectly honest I could have cried when I woke up this morning and my head still hurt because
    I am SO bored of being sick & the lack of productivity it brings!!

    In other (less whiny) news I have a new look & are probably looking quite different to how you are used to seeing me…

    #shamelessselfy in my #newglasses

    New glasses & no fringe for summer…
    Also these days my hair tends to be worn naturally curly & wild because it’s too hot I’m too lazy to heat style it straight.

    And that’s the view from here…
    So if I owe you an email (or anything) then that’s why.

    Feeling especially blessed to have Mr Superhero Flutter home this week…
    He is such a good help, I’m so glad I no longer have to do this without him!

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    1. You look quite stunning, even if you are feeling bad! What is it Billy Crystal’s one character used to say? “It’s better to LOOK good than to FEEL good!” Well, maybe not, but still…
      Hope you are feeling better with this round of antibiotics. I do know how awful sinus infections can be. Yuck!

    2. Have you got a mirror in the attic? The older you get, the younger you look! You look gorgeous Kat. I’ve been sick too. It sucks. Get well soon…and change your icon photo thingy!


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