Back in October my friend Tammi & I decided to do an advent swap.
The idea being that for each day in December we would prepare each other a little gift, then give each other a bigger gift on Christmas Day.
The gifts were to be a selection of edible, hand made, thrifted, purchased etc…
Easy enough I thought.
More like harder than it sounds!
24 small gifts leading up to 1 big one ended up being trickier than I thought. It was hard to stay small.
But boy was it exciting to wake up each morning to a special gift!

Some of the things I gave Tammi were;
Thread, fat quarters, zippers & other notions, chocolates from our homeland, brooches, yarn, a zipper pouch, thrifted treasures, vintage sheets, a candle holder and more…

Some of the things Tammi gave me were;
Homemade jam, homemade granola, chocolate, a mini bottle of one of my favourite wines, a handmade crochet hook roll, handmade crochet facecloths, yarn, a cushion, magazines, Christmas decorations and more.

It was a really fun swap and I’d definitely do an advent swap again in the future!

I totally feel like I had the best end of the stick though…
Each of Tammi’s presents to me were incredibly thoughtful and amazing. So I really felt like making something special for her Christmas present.

After a few days of pondering I decided to make her a quilt, since you know, that tends to be what I do best.
I raided my stash for fabrics in Tammi’s favourite colour (yellow) and anything I could find with a vintage, tea, floral or writing theme and put together a simple 10 inch cut squares quilt…

This colour combination and style was completely away from my norm and really challenged me at first if I’m honest. I don’t tend to work much with brown (ok at all), nor do I usually work so much with vintagey or floral fabric. So it was really hard to get inside Tammi’s head when I was putting it together to make sure it was something she would love.
I could of course have gone for something ‘safer’ and in my comfort zone in aqua blue, since we are both into those colours. But when I think of Tammi I think happy yellow and vintage. So that’s what I wanted to stick to.

I made myself be adventurous and try a slightly new variation of my loopy free motion quilting pattern that I tend stick to. Since I did no practice first and hadn’t quilted in ages I was reasonably happy with the result.
(Although really I should not be so impatient and should do a practice first. Naughty me, tut tut!!)

The back is a yellow fabric with pink roses – the one I used the most squares of on the front.

And here it is all rolled up and ready to give.

Hopefully she loves it as much as I loved making it for her.
I am lucky to have such a dear friend.

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  1. One of the hints I picked up from a FMQ Craftsy class, was to do a test/practice run on spare fabric along the side of the quilt sandwich, you know the bit where you have extra batting and backing. Because you know you’re never going to make that practice sandwich the books always say to make, and unless you are fanatical like Elizabeth Hartman with measuring your backing/batting, there is always going to be a spare length. Win, win situation.

  2. Kat, I absolutely LOVE this much so that a day does not go by where I am not admiring it 🙂
    It’s inspired me to really pull finger and get a quilt for our bed made.
    Thanks so much lovely, this gift will be cherished for years to come.

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