“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013″…

Not whole food for dinner tonight!!! But I'm cutting myself some slack since I just worked a full day and need to finish packing for my flight tonight. Bon voyage Australia. See you in a week!!!
Somebody is supposed to be eating her dinner!!! Even McDonalds can't make this girl sit still at the table. Naughty ratbag

Hannah: Always my poser. Despite the fact she’s feeling uncertain about me leaving her for a week, she still manages to perform to the camera.
{Wholefood this dinner obviously was not! But I cut myself some slack since I’d just worked a full day and needed to finish packing before catching a 9pm shuttle to the airport for my red eye. As I write this (soon to be scheduled for Saturday post) I have a few hours to go. Eeeek. Nervous!}

Abbie: Someone is supposed to be eating her dinner!! Even though it was McDonald’s, supposedly her favourite, she still could not sit still long enough to finish eating. What a ratbag!

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