“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013″…

Hannah: Hannah looks how I feel in this photo… We are all tired here! Full time school plus not getting home until at least 5.30pm 4 nights a week is really taking her a bit to get used to.
Not to mention having to share a room with her disruptive little sister while we have my Nana staying with us.

Abbie: Here Abbie is embracing my Nana, her “Great Granny”… It brings tears to my eyes seeing the special bond they are developing together. Hannah has been blessed to have quite a bit of time with Nana in the past, but Abbie has only seen Nana a small handful of times. So it’s great having her stay for 10 days so that they get to spend time with her.

That is part of the reason I’m quiet… we have a house guest. Which on top of more migraines, a busy work & home schedule and a 2 year old that doesn’t seem to like sleep or bedtime, is making life rather full.
And a bit trying.
But we will get there…

Especially as it is now less than a week until I get to go home to New Zealand for a visit.
What a treat, I can’t wait!!!

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  1. I am so far behind in everything…but I’m glad I checked in today! Wonderful pics of the girls – and I love the look on YOUR face, holding Hannah. Enjoy the time with your Nana & have a fabulous holiday in NZ!

  2. Many many years ago my father who was a photographer took a photograph of me once a year and made an album to give me on my 21st birthday. That album is sadly incomplete but brings back so many special memories when I pull it off the shelf. Keep up with your lovely weekly postings, you will really treasure them in years to come.

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