“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013″…

My gorgeous on her first day of school. #allgrownup #firstday #school
Abbie's reward for being very tolerant while we sorted out our broken car.

Hannah: Hannah’s first day of full time school was this week. She was SO excited. I’m so proud of her enthusiasm and confidence. Although I must admit that by day 3 she was starting to fade and for the first time ever told me that she didn’t want to go to school. She just gets so tired and I think it will take her little body a while to adjust to the demand of it.

This was a miracle split second shot of magic. I really can’t believe it turned out so great!

Abbie: On my days off from work this week I really enjoyed my alone time with Abbie. This was Abbie’s (natural home made wholefood) treat on Thursday for being such a patient and helpful girl after “man broke our car. Now have get fixed…” Her words.
She totally charmed the pants off the people at the car fix it place and did not complain once at having our promised mornings activities taken off her after the accident. That was quite a miracle in itself actually. So she deserved every bite of her “gingin man”.

Photos taken on my phone this week…

Joining up with Jodi & others here…

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  1. Didn’t the girls do so well this week?! 5 days of school in a row must have been a shock to the system!
    Hope you’ve had a lot of downtime this weekend, for you and the girls after the week you all had! Here’s to a great one this week… see ya Tuesday! xx

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