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This week you have a full weekend of dancing concerts. Tonight we came to watch your performance and you were amazing! It was the first time you performed as part of a group of small people without an big person also in the dance to follow (like you had done in previous years). It was also past your bedtime. You are also the youngest in your group by at least a year (in some cases 2 or more) and only started in term 4 when the rest had been together most if not all of the year. So I was extremely proud of you on all counts.
You threw yourself into the dance, knowing the routine flawlessly, had a big grin on your face the entire time and were the only child I noticed all nice that was singing along to all the words (which we will have to have a little talk about for next time – since I don’t think that was in the ballet brief). But it showed me that you obviously loved every minute of it and as always made all the work of getting it together (including rehearsals EVERY night this week) totally worth it.


I let you come with us to watch Hannah despite the fact that it only started at your bedtime and I didn’t know how your attention span would hold up for that long ever, let alone at that time of night. But I don’t know why I worried because you were entranced. We had lots of pointing and narrating from you as it went along and you got quite distressed when the lights went down between scenes, asking why you couldn’t see and please could you see more! I think honestly you would have loved to be up there too. Next year perhaps.

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