fashionistas lego play (Large)

Fashionistas: It’s not all high fashion in this house. Oh no no no… with strong willed girls in the house this is what often happens when Daddy leaves them to their own devices to get dressed for church on a Sunday. I tried to intervene but as you can tell from Abbie’s face there was going to be high drama if I per sued getting them to change. Ah well… what can I say. We get some “unique” outfit combinations these days… I particularly love Abbie’s “all colour & all seasons” look.

Lego play: We are all pleased that Daddy has come home to be with us! It’s great seeing the girls embrace playing with him. Usually it’s like he’s never left. Such Daddy’s girls! Not so cool that he is officially unemployed now, but great to have him home from Australia none the less.

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