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This week I became an Aunty again, of sorts, when a bestie had her second baby…
My girls were absolutely delighted to meet little Lucy, only a few hours old in this photo. Especially Hannah!

I love how enraptured Hannah looks in this photo! Hannah was the one who requested a cuddle, it wasn’t a suggestion. She has been desperately asking for me to have another baby (a brother though, only a brother!) for the last 2 years, so when I whispered to her

“Shall we steal Lucy and take her home with us” as a joke she turned to me in serious awe “Shall we Mummy?!”

Oh bless that melted my heart and made me question our decision to stop at 2. Briefly.

Joining in with Jodi here…

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  1. Stealing babies has to be easier than making them ourselves. Just saying! My two begged for a baby brother for years but now concede that it would have sucked if I had gone ahead and had one. Little do they know there wasn’t a chance in hell that it would ever have happened!

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