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4552 Hannah


Big week for you this week as we experience the loss of your first tooth. You were SOOOOOOO excited!!! I don’t think there has been a person you have seen since that doesn’t know all about it and hasn’t had the gap proudly presented to them. The “tooth fairy” bought you $5 because apparently she was running low on coins that day. I say the “tooth fairy” because I’m pretty sure you were on to me. You woke up while I was doing the dreaded under-the-pillow rummage and even though you kept your eyes closed you had the biggest cheekiest grin ever. I watched you for a minute, quickly figured out you were awake and when I leaned down to kiss you on the forehead and tell you quietly to go back to sleep you snickered. Then the strangest thing happened, the next morning I was all ready for a confrontation and you said nothing about it. To this day I do not know if you are just really really good at playing along (in which case I’m getting increasingly worried about your teenage years) or you were actually just responsive in your sleep and dreaming. I guess only time will tell….

4552 Abbie 2


This is you hugging your cousin Amelia. You two have become very good friends. Amelia loves both of her big cousins of course but you are lucky enough to spend more time with her while Hannah’s off at school and it is so neat to watch your relationship blossom. They are back off to live in Australia just after Christmas so we are trying to get in all the play dates we can. Despite the 18 month age gap (you are twice Amelia’s age) she is about 1kg heavier than you and nearly as tall. It’s hard to tell who’s more bossy 😉 But overall you guys get on really really well and Amelia just looooves to kiss and hug you. Very very cute.

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  1. Your tooth fairy story reminded me of myself as a child. My dad came into my sister’s and my bedroom on Christmas Eve to screw some bedside lights to our bunk beds as a Christmas present. I woke up and he told me he was just helping Santa as he (Santa) was very, very busy. I believed him! Why wouldn’t I? 😀

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