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It was a momentous week for you this week… You got your first wiggly tooth! I happen to find it a bit gross, but that doesn’t stop you showing it to every single person you meet. Gross or not it reminds me that you are growing up way to fast for my liking. You  swing from being super excited to a little scared of the unknown. I guess we will watch and wait.

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I sent you to put your pyjama’s on and 10 minutes later found you in the corner of your bedroom drawing around your hand. a) you are not allowed to have pens in your bedroom (after coming up on endless vandalism charges) and b) you had deliberately disobeyed me (with poked out tongue and all) for what felt like the fiftieth time that day. But it’s impossible to be mad at you when you go and do stuff this cute. It’s such a thrill to see you drawing anything other than scribbles that how can I not love this.

And I think you are definitely a lefty.


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  1. Abbie and Emily are peas in a pod. As soon as she learned to write her name at three she went about writing it everywhere in her room – wall, lamp, wardrobe, etc. But positively denied it was her when confronted!

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