**  portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

We had a professional photo shoot of our family yesterday by the very clever Sarah of Charlie Horse Photography, so I’m totally cheating this week and using a few of my sneak previews…

I have two words to describe the results of the shoot

Ok so that was more than two. So sue me.
I think you get it that I LOOOOOOVE them.


Oh those eyes. You kill me with those big brown sparkly eyes girl! Gorgeous gorgeous girl.
And you my dancing girl know it and are the biggest poser ever… Upon entering Sarah’s studio, before we even had a chance to look around and drop our bags you were up on the bean bag and striking a pose all ready to have your photo taken. No shyness around the camera for you!!
I love your self confidence and bubble. I hope you never lose them.

You are not the show pony your sister is and take a little coaxing to get in front of the camera. But once there you know how to work it all the same. As long as it is on your terms that is.
I love the happiness radiating out of you in this shot!
And those toes. Eeek they are growing so big that I just want to freeze that moment in time!!

Thanks Sarah for a fun and great shoot! I would totally recommend her if you are in the Wellington area. Her prices are great too. Always a bonus!

Here is a little peak of our little Flutter family…

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PS if you missed the news I’m having a 2 day flash pattern sale – a huge 50% off my patterns over in my Craftsy store.

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