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Hannah: You have not been well this week poor darling. In fact I’m sitting here listening to you cough the night away as we speak. But despite spending 4 hours at the emergency room for breathing difficulty last night, finally getting home and going to sleep at about 12.30am, and spending the day with a fever you would never know by looking at you in this photo. Oh no, sickness aside you were too thrilled that Mummy made you a new tutu! I sure know the way to your heart!

Abbie: Your week has also been turbulent due to sickness sweet girl. Yes much of this week you have been feeling rather poorly and it has made you g.r.u.m.p.y. I would be too if I was in your shoes but still, it hasn’t been easy at times. Thank goodness for lego to take your mind off it and give us both a distraction. We love girl lego in this house!!! This moment was one of the highlights of my week, spending one on one time with you and playing together happily.

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  1. Hannah is such a beautiful tutu model! Lucky that she has such a talented Mum too!

    I’m with Abbie – I’d rather play with legos than have a tutu myself!!

    Hope everyone is feeling tiptop SOON!


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