I thought I’d combine my 3/52 photo project with my regular “Snippets from the time capsule” this week, since I’m really overdue in doing a time capsule post, and they are quite similar posts anyway…
I try and do my time capsule posts about the girls ever 2-3 months to show their changes over time,
These are the things that I wish to remember about my girls in years to come…


3/52 –  Fresh out of bed and you are already stunningly beautiful. I love the honesty of this shot. It is getting SO hard to photograph you these days without you striking a pose. ALL my other photos of you this week you are posing for me. So that’s why I chose this. Just for a change.

**  You are currently 4 years and 8 months

**  You still continue to amaze me with your current growth rate. Every time I look at you I swear you have grown another few cms. And you need shoes so regularly.
Mind you, you eat almost continually these days – more than me – so it’s not really that much of a surprise.

**  I am always telling you to stop doing acrobatics around the house because you are so daring and I get scared you’ll break your neck or some other vital limb. But you are really good for your age. I took these a while ago at your last acro lesson and already since then you can go up into a head stand by yourself for about 30 secs or more, and you are getting amazing at everything else too.

My budding little acrobat Miss Hannah...

**  You have just been on your first “camp”. Just day camp, not overnight, but a week of day camp at our church. You LOVED it but you are so exhausted. It is Saturday today and you have been sleeping so far from 10.30am – 1pm showing no signs of stirring.
Hmmm, how will you cope with school and after school care on my working days I wonder?

**  One of my favourite things that you say at the moment is: “I amn’t” when you mean “I’m NOT”… It shows our likeness because reportedly I always used to say “I willn’t” to my Dad growing up. Shows your depth of understanding of the English language I guess. Because really there is no good reason that I can see that “Amn’t” or “Willn’t” arent real words. Although they do look pretty dumb when written.

**  You are going through a teaching phase… and I don’t mean that you are going through a bossy phase, although there is a fair bit of that too. I mean that you are going through a phase of instructing us on each little step of the process we “need” to take.
Most of the processes are made up out of your head though. Maybe you will one day become a teacher like your Nana & Papa…

**  You seem very keen on swimming this year in the pool or at the beach. Although because of your sisters ears we unfortunately haven’t been going much at all. So I feel a bit sad for you. You will really benefit from swimming lessons this year. I just need to find somewhere to fit a class in…

**  You are becoming quite the artist. You could draw for hours and hours.
 Unfortunately you have suffered this holidays in this department because there have been quite a few drawing on couches, walls & reading books incidences. Mostly by your sister but also some by you. So all pens in the house have been put away and are strictly a fully supervised activity for the time being. I hope you guys grow out of the drawing on things stage asap!


3/52 – The morning I took this you were SO tired and grumpy. You had been crying and saying “NO WAY” since waking up (about an hour). Hence your eyes are shiny. So I sat you on the bench and started playing games with you. Pretty soon you were giggling away and we were able to move on with our day. I think you were apprehensive about starting “school” because you didn’t know what to expect. 

**  You are currently 2 years and 5 months.

**  You are also growing like a weed. I still can’t get enough of seeing you look so healthy!!

**  You are now talking completely fluently. We have really noticed a huge development in your vocabulary in the last month in particular.

**  You can count to 12 without fail and 20 or so with only occasional mistakes (I guess it’s all the hide and seek you & your sister play). You can recite your ABCs without fail and have been able to for a few months or so.

**  Today you completely amazed me by knowing you days of the week… It went like this: You: “It’s Sunday today”, Me: “No today is Saturday”, You: “Then Sunday be Morrow” Me: “That’s right Abbie well done, Tomorrow IS Sunday. What day is after Sunday?” You: “Monday” Me: “Wow, yes that’s right. What’s after Monday?” You: “Tuesday. Then Wenday. Then Thurday. Then Friday.”
Oh.My.goodness I can’t believe you know that. You sister doesn’t even know that all the time. I have no idea how you learned that!!

**  Also, on Thursday we were at Medicare and they called out a ticket number “A432” or similar. And you called out “A… A for Abbie Mum! It our turn?”
 haha. I wished. We were D something that day.

**  You can also now follow instructions if I give you several jobs to do at once. Your Daddy described it as “able to follow more complex procedures”. This is one of the things he has noticed about you recently.

**  You still dance constantly, but recently I have noticed you are also singing constantly. I really must try and record some of it because you have the cutest little voice and pronunciation of things. Not to mention interesting interpretations of lyrics.
Your favourite songs to sing to yourself are “Twinkle Twinkle,” and “Baa Baa black sheep,” . although you can’t say L so it comes out “Baa baa back sheep, hav you any woo? Yes sir yes sir 3 bags foo…”) Likewise Mary had a little lamb is another favourite and you sing it “Mary had a ittoo amb. ittoo amb. ittoo amb. Mary had a ittoo amb it’s feece was white as snow….” So cute!

**  This week you have started to copy your sister in saying “I amn’t”… You never were one for missing an opportunity to be stubborn.

**  You are a bit of a ratbag at the moment at drawing on things or getting my lipstick out of my handbag and playing with it. I have to hide everything!!! Even that doesn’t stop you. We joke that your nickname is “wreck-it-Ralph”. I have to admit that it is only half a joke because you can really be very destructive when you want to be.
Lucky you are cute!!

This is your “I know I’ve done something naughty, but I don’t really care because I know I’m too cute for you to tell me off ” face.

**  This week was your first week at daycare. We call it your “school” because you have wanted to go to school like Hannah all year. Yesterday you were SO happy when I went to pick you up. You just love being with friends all day. I think you are the only true extrovert in our family of 4. You turn into a misery guts if you don’t get your fill of people. It’s sooooo so apparent about you.
I love seeing you happy and I love the fact that you will thrive going to part time daycare this year.

**  Lastly, you are very close to being toilet trained. I think you would be already if I was better at sticking with it. I would say you are about 60% there and it wouldn’t take much for you to get that last half. But we still have you in pull ups most of the time because of there is so much change going on right now and I just can’t be bothered to worry about toilet training you.
Hopefully next time I write your time capsule snippets we will be a nappy free household though. Woo hooo, can’t wait!

Love you both so so much!!


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  1. Your girls are so pretty, I think that your future will have a stream of young male visitors to be vetted, maybe a rocking chair and a shotgun on the porch 🙂 only joking…….maybe

  2. ROFLMAO, only an engineer could come out with an explanation of being able to follow a list of instructions as ‘able to follow more complex procedures’ :oD

    Oh, and don’t forget the wee words Hannah uses, my granny still uses my dad’s made up ones from when he was tiny ;o)

  3. Amn’t. It feels more correct to me, though, perhaps archaic. Think about it the other way round, as a question.

    ‘ Am I good enough? ‘
    ‘Aren’t I good enough?’

    ‘Amn’t I good enough?’

    Now tell me whether it is better English to say Amn’t, or Aren’t, in that place.

    Okay, you could say ‘ ‘Am I not…?’

    I think your daughter has grasped the structure beautifully. Just not colloquially.

    Perhaps? Just a thought??

  4. Oh I miss these two little faces! We need to catch up before the madness of school etc. Maybe one day you’re not working this week you might like to join us down at the pools? We’re there every morning xx

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