Hannah: I love this photo of you stunning girl! You were in full party mode at your sisters birthday party and I had to ask you about 10 times to look at me so I could take a photo. I guess we can call it worth the nagging…

    Abbie: This was taken today during your first day of Kindy. I arrived this afternoon to find you happily being pushed on the swing by your carer. You were high as a kite and had obviously had a wonderful day. You were even reluctant to come home!
    I’m so pleased because I could tell you were stressing out about starting! You have been clingy the last few days and insisting on sleeping with me. Then last night you were extremely restless, I imagine with anxiety about starting somewhere new without Mummy. But you settled in very quickly and I only stayed about 10 minutes as a result. Hopefully after today you will sleep a bit better now that you know how much fun it is!

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