**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

    Daddy got home this week and I think this photo makes really clear the level of adoration you two have for him…
    Seriously, I’m not allowed to do a thing for you guys on weeks where he is home. He gets to be the one to hold your hand as you cross the road, get you in and out of the car, get you dressed, read you stories etc. etc. Only Daddy will do!
    Which is kind of nice in some ways because it gives me a well earned break, but it does make me miss you girls. I wouldn’t swap the relationship you have with him for the world though. It’s wonderful watching your relationship develop, how much you love, admire and cherish him.
    I hope you grow up knowing how lucky you both are to have such an amazing Daddy!
    He looks after us all so well!

    Joining up with Jodi & others here…

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