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Hear that? – That is the sound of silence…
I needed to get some work done on the house preparing for the painting… So what did I do to keep you quiet? Open a new box of lego I’d been saving for a special moment since Hannah’s birthday and raid Abbie’s pre-bought birthday present stash, letting her have her first play of Sylvanian families ever. The result was two very happy girls enjoying a quiet afternoon of play and a very productive afternoon for Mummy. New toys are the best.
I love it when you two play nicely together and omit the fighting!
Keep up the great work girls.

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  1. Excellent work girls, now do you think you can come over and teach my neighbourhood kids how to do that? Apparently the only way to communicate with each other round here right now is screaming at the top of your lungs. Adults and kids alike. ARGH!

  2. Lucky girls! Legos are my favorites, I even wear a Lego wrist watch. 😀
    The little mice are so cute too! (Another bloggy friend of mine, Barbara at Cat Patches, just made some little carry along dolls that fit into an Altoid tin.)


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