**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

Hannah & Abbie:
It’s not in focus, but I love this photo none-the-less… When I look at this picture I can hear two little girls belly laughing their little hearts out. My favourite sound in the world.
The sounds making them belly laugh on the other hand – not so much my favourite… I may or may not have downloaded a fart app onto my phone. What can I say, but that I’m juvenile at heart. Heheheh.
But they were both in cranky moods so I decided a bit of silliness was required.
Clearly it worked – crisis of the cranky cranksters averted.

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Kat Soper is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Helpful Academy. She lives with her husband and two daughters in whichever country they're calling home at the moment.

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