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My scooter girl… This is your new mode of transport – a belated birthday present from your Great Granny. It is a fantastic mode of transport for getting to and from school. You are loving it and at your new school you are allowed to keep them in the cloakroom and bring them out at recess. I have noticed an increase in your confidence and desire to go to school since you’ve had this. Anything to help I say, because you have had a few sad and difficult days of late as you adjust to our new life now that the “holiday period” has passed.

Your little pigtails in this photo make my heart sing. Your hair is getting so long and beautiful!
You are loving walking to school and back every day and cry like a river if I leave you at home with your Papa when it’s too wet to take you. Izzy loves the extra walks too. I think we are all enjoying the extra exercise. It’s nice living walking distance. Shame we will be moving soon, but hopefully I will be organised enough in the morning to still walk from Nana’s and Papa’s house.

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  1. lovely pictures ,.. and how great that they get to keep the scooter at school x … saves mum having to carry it home .. shame you cannot have a sneaky go on the way home though xx

  2. Oh my goodness does Hannah look like you in this week’s photo! Yep, beautiful like her Mum!
    What a good helper Abby is, with walking Izzy. Being in walking distance is lovely.

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