**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…
Yikes where have the last couple of weeks gone!! 
I have no idea what I’ve been doing!… But I can tell you what I haven’t been doing.
I certainly haven’t been keeping this space up to date, OR replying to any emails back to people.
So if you’ve emailed me in the last wee while I do apologise for not getting back to you!
Settling in here has been more time consuming than I anticipated.
But I will hopefully get there soon…
Sadly I have missed the last 2 weeks of my 52 week project, but never the less here are the girls first portraits in NZ…
My girl and her second cousin. There is only 3 months in age between them. So lovely too see them playing like besties together and having a sleep over at their great Granny's house together. Makes this big upheaval all feel worth it ❤❤ #theresnothingquit
Fun at music with bestie @clairegetstechy and Mr I. #latergram

Looking after my 14 month niece and she says "let me out with those big cousins, let me out..." #needtostartwalkingfirstbeforeyoucanscootgirly #socute #cousinsatplay
Hannah: seeing you two cousins playing together like long time besties makes my heart sing! There are 3 months between you two in age, although in many ways Anais looks like the older sister because she is a lot taller than you! It is so great to see you getting to know the extended family…

Abbie: here you are playing at mainly music with one of my longest time besties and her son Isaac. We now see them at least 3 times a week for various morning playgroups which is very cool. It is so special to see you nurturing new relationships with people that are so dear to me.

Amelia: my gorgeous little 14 month old niece who I had the priviledge of looking after on Saturday afternoon while my sister-in-law was in bed with a migraine. She just wanted to be out scooting with her big cousins and told me what for in no uncertain words when I wouldn’t let her go out in the cold with them…
I love that we are now close enough to see her a couple of times a week. She’s truly adorable!!


These photos are some of my favourite yet! They make this big month of upheaval and hard work or moving countries feel completely worth it to me.
For example yesterday I took the girls to see my 83 year old Nana…
Up until now 11 out of her 12 great grandchildren (all aged 7 and under) lived in Australia.
However, during the last 6 months 5 of them (my 2, a cousin’s 2 and my brother’s 1) have moved back to NZ and evened up the stakes. Now she has 6 great grandchildren in each country. What a big difference!

Yesterday when we arrived at “Great Granny’s” house my cousin was there with her 2 which was a lovely surprise, and Anais was already there for her playdate with Hannah. I then went and picked up my niece. So my Nana got to see all 6 of her great grandchildren in the same morning.
I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how happy that made her!!
It made me happy too and completely validated our reason for moving back.

I think we could just about start our own playgroup 😉

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  1. I am so pleased that you can already see the benefits from moving back. You sound really, really happy and this is such a good thing. You have people who love and support you all around, and people you in turn can help love and support. I am glad you are where you need to be now. And don’t worry about emails. Ease yourself back in when the time is right and do not try to reply to any of my old ones – just move forward.

  2. Your girls get cuter by the day!! So wonderful growing up with cousins. My sister and I have 10 children between the two of us (thank goodness I only have four) and lived within walking distance of each other. Our kids were always at one house or the other…..wonderful memories.

  3. It sounds like things are going really well for both you and your girls! Don’t worry about keeping up the blog while you’re settling in. I’m sure your readers (like myself!) will be very happy to see you back with a flourish whenever you have time! 😉

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