**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

The party girl getting ready in all her fairy glamour #firsttimewithcurlyhair #birthdaygirl  #bringonthefairyparty

A certain someone had a birthday this weekend… We celebrated in style with a “fairy party” at the fairy dance school with all your closest friends. There you are above writing your name all by yourself in the “big book of fairy birthdays”.
You had a wonderful weekend! The smile just about never left your face and I hope the celebrations served as the perfect way to finish off your time here in Australia.
Happy 5th Birthday my beautiful girl!!

You’ve had a bit of a tough week this week…An ear and respiratory infection has seen you stuck at home all week with 3 adults all otherwise absorbed in packing and cleaning.
Not much fun!
Add to that the fact you’ve had to ingest all number of nasty medicines and drops to assist you in getting better for our flight in a week, (awesome timing hey – typical that you should get your first ear infection since your operation last year the week before we are due to fly!!!) AND the fact that this weekend has been all about your sister and it’s made you ever so slightly miserable at times.
I think you’ve coped remarkably well all things considered, and it has been such a relief and delight to see you having so much fun at the festivities this weekend and feeling a bit more yourself.

I love your little tongue of concentration as you colour in your picture above!


One of my favourite photos this week actually must be this one of my two girls together…


I love the bond they are developing!
Tis sweet indeed!

Joining up with Jodi here…

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  1. That’s a very beautiful photo of your two girls together! Definitely one that I can imagine being shown over and over again through the years!

  2. I’ve never actually seen someone with their tongue out while concentrating and it is adorable LOL… curious… The girls were both born in Australia right? Will they have to become NZ citizens?

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