Joining in with Jodi & others here for…

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Our first time taking the girls bowling:
I love these two photos because they sum up the girls personalities so well…
Hannah: always slow to warm to things and appears reserved at first. But once she gets the swing of things she comes out of herself and immerses herself fully in the experience. 
Abbie: Fear does not enter into the vocabulary of my little whirlwind. Excited to try new things from the beginning, soon she is nudging others out the way to try and “share” their turns, acting above her years… (like trying to carry the bowling balls all on her own – Sheesh!).
She oozes energy and charm.

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  1. Abbie’s face! You just want to reach out and hug her – and she knows it. Bless, she is going to be really interesting in 12-14 years from now. Loving that you are finally getting the family time you deserve.

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