**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

This is you talking to your Daddy on the phone at bedtime… I wanted to make a record of this memory because you have been so brave at accepting him going away again. This particular night you had so much news and you were so excited to tell him all about it.
I forget what all the news was… just everyday stuff. But I particularly noted this week the depth of things that you came up with to tell him all on your own and it warmed my heart. You are growing into such a mature wee girl and I’m so proud!
Woo hoo Abbie's legs finally grew long enough to ride her bike and she is away laughing!!

I think you must have had another growth spurt recently because this week, much to your total excitement, your legs finally grew long enough to ride Hannah’s old bike.
Even just 2 weeks ago you just weren’t tall enough, but this week you are.


You learnt to pedal through persistence in a matter of hours and got so good so quickly that you rode all the way to the park and back without any help. I even think you are more confident at steering than your sister. But then gross motor skills have always been your thing… after all, you did start walking at 8 months!
I love that riding a bike makes you so happy.
Long may it last I say…
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