13/52… The week all about the animals…


      **  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

This week we got to play tourist with your “Maia” (Grandmother) and “Great Granny” and have taken them to lots of our local attractions. On Friday we took them to Whiteman Park and you proudly showed them how to hand feed a kangaroo… In the absence of being supplied a bag of food, you went around and collected pellets off the ground to feed them. I wasn’t thrilled about this because then your sister copied you, however unlike you she could not tell the food from the droppings and we ended up with quite a foul collection. Blerk.

You got to touch a koala for the first time this week. Also at Whiteman Park. This week you also got to go on your first boat when we took a boat over to visit Penguin Island. You have had an absolute ball sight seeing  with our English family.
Yesterday we said goodbye to one of the members of our family…
It was a sad day.
Goodbye Miss Bella. We have loved having you and never thought we would have to say goodbye to you so soon, but we hope you will be extremely happy in your new forever home…

Remembering to join up to Che & Fidel here today… 

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