Ooops I nearly missed another week of my 52 week photo project…
      **  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

Slack slack slack…
I really want to do a Tuesday Tidbit post today as well though, so this week the two shall have to be combined… 🙂

My big school girl...
You continue to amaze me with how well you are plodding along with the news of our move. Last week you had your turn on “news” at school and apparently shared with your class the details about our move to NZ. Ooops I guess I should have told your teacher, but I haven’t told her yet. She probably doesn’t know what to make or what you told them and might think you’re telling porkies. I better set her straight and explain really 🙂

All this girl wants at the moment is her Daddy... I think she knows he's going away again soon...

All you seem to want at the moment is your Daddy. It is very endearing but at the same time causes both of us a great lot of frustration when he goes to work for the day because Oh the whinging when you can’t go with him! Although now that I’m working I also get the pleasure of a very excitable Abbie when I get home. It’s my favourite part of my day having you sprint across the room and fling yourself into my arms when I get home or come and pick you up from your “school”…


Tidbits for the week:

**  Things are a bit mad here! Possibly a bit of an understatement really!
Last week Neil & Abbie both had a type of gastro bug which set us back for the week. Then Abbie got another virus with a fever and I had to take yet more time of work. That made everything at home and work fall behind and I’ve been chasing my tail ever since to catch up.

**  Plans for the move are going well. I will release an update some time this week with dates and more details of our move/plans. It’s a lot of work but it seems a lot simpler going in that direction because we know the areas and companies and where to find things easily.

**  The weekend before last we had a garage sale and listed some bigger items for sale on Gumtree… Had we known Neil & Abbie would both get sick then I think we would have left that for a later time, but alas it was all already booked and we had to run with it. What madness! That just about threw us both over the edge I think.

Just has a very successful garage sale! There goes some money into the moving kitty thanks very much
A small portion of the things we were selling…

**  BUT thanks to sales of things we’ve probably made about $1500 towards the cost of our move. I think we are both very chuffed with that effort – pat on back us!… So it was well worth the effort in the end.

**  On the Friday night just been I went to the awards night for the company I work for. It was the awards night for all the real estate offices for that chain for the state of Western Australia. There are a lot of offices for it! Here I am looking a little posh for the event…

Me looking a bit posh on my way to my company awards might last Friday

The agent that I work for won 2 awards and came #7 agent in WA. We also took out top office again for about the 5th year running, #1 and #4 agent and a bunch of other awards and nominations.
It made me sad that I’m leaving such a great place to work, because if I stayed I could really learn a lot from them. But instead I will focus on looking back at my time with them with fondness.

**  Then on Saturday (after a 1am finish at the ball for me – yikes) we had Neil’s Mum and Gran arrive for a 2 week stay with us. It is wonderful having them visit!! Gran hadn’t seen Hannah since she was about 15 months old and she’s nearly about to turn 5, so it’s been especially great having them over to catch up with our growing girls and spending time together.
We have a lot of fun activities planned for the Easter weekend.

**  Although, I have to say that needing to put back together our house in a week, after pulling it apart for the garage sale, was another point of pressure. Again what were we thinking trying to group everything in a few weeks?! Bad enough just all the events let alone throwing sick kids and husband into the mix as well.
(This is where Mr Flutter would claim that all the events were my own doing… ahem… no comment other than they all needed to be done sometime.)

**  I have officially not used my sewing machine for months. It has a layer of dust over it from under-use syndrome and neglect. Though I am still hopeful to finish a project or two before we move. Perhaps once I stop working?
She thinks hopefully?!

And that is about it for this week.
As soon as we have a date set I’ll tell you all about it.
But I’m sure you have probably guessed by the flurry of activity here that we are aiming for sooner in the year rather than later…
More soon

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