**  A portrait of my children once a week, for 52 weeks…

Mummy and Hannah time at the park on the most Awesome autumn day. Love this weather!!!
Baking with Mummy in nothing but a nappy, hat and apron... As you do...

Hannah: this was taken on a special outing we took, just the two of us, to the park. It was a perfect Autumn afternoon. We ate ice cream and talked heart to heart. I told you of our decision to move back to New Zealand. You took it all in your stride. I’m so proud of how well you are coping with the news!

Abbie: I’ve also enjoyed some special one on one time with you this week Miss Abbie. We have baked and played lego and drawn. You have created mess on a great scale as usual. You are also coping with the news, and the fact we are selling loads of your toys, much better than I anticipated!

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  1. That is a lot for them to take in I guess…although being little they are a lot more resilient than we think.
    Enjoy your last Autumn days in Perth. xxx

  2. Lol at Susan’s comment, I still feel the same about mine in my mum and dad’s loft, especially the lego ;o) Loving the chef’s hat, and that is one huge ice cream!

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