What is The Motivational Mum’s Club?

The Motivated Mum’s Club (or The MMC for short) is a group for women who want to create their own version of an awesome life.
It’s a motivational group for Mum’s to come together, inspire each other, hold each other accountable, and support each other towards achieving our dreams.

Come join us, for fun, friendship and motivation…

If YOU would love to be part of a group of women all working towards making this year their best year yet, then please come and join us at The Motivated Mum’s Club (MMC).

What we learn about and work together towards…

In my day job, I have developed a framework to successfully coach businesses towards success using 8 Business Fundamentals as the foundation. I’ve helped dozens of businesses with this framework, and it got me thinking – what about if I took my passion for helping women achieve success with their goals, and I developed a similar framework to use as the foundation for achieving success in our personal lives? It would be freaking AWESOME, and something I’d personally love.
So, I’ve done it. I’ve applied the same techniques and framework to a system to help people achieve success with their personal goals, focussing on 10 major parts to life.

Create Your Own Awesome

The 10 parts to life that we focus on together in The Motivated Mum’s club are:

What does that actually look like?

Each month we focus on one part as the main theme, with a break over December/January. Which means that a twelve month period, we cover and learn tools to support us in achieving success in all twelve areas:


I intentionally placed the breaks over December/January, because that is when we in the Southern Hemisphere have our kiddies on long summer break. During this time I want us all to focus on our families, and recharge for the following year. The conversation still runs during those months, but it isn’t so intensive.

What tools do we learn?

Each month I have experts guests in the theme area to come and teach us tools in that area. I LOVE to soak up all their knowledge!
(If you’d like to be a guest expert then contact me here).

How to join:

Joining the group couldn’t be more simple, and best of all it’s FREE to join!
All you will need is:

  1. A Facebook account, as we will run it via Facebook Group
  2. Be a woman (it’s not compulsory to be a Mum, but it’s mostly targeted for Mums)
  3. Want to be motivated, and work towards achieving your life goals
  4. Be prepared to participate in the conversation, and encourage others in their journeys

It’s FREE, so what have you got to lose?

If you want to read some background about WHY I started The MMC in the first place, you can check out the launch post here.