Tuesday Tidbits…


These are a random collection of our life as we know it for the moment…

**  Today we had another home day. It was fairly productive…

My productive day

**  From top left to bottom right:
    – Another job ticked off my to-do list – naming a quilt I made for my cousin’s baby nearly a year ago. (Though they only bought it for me to name about a month ago…)
    – I trashed my workspace starting a new project. Fun times.
    – Lunch – asparagus, mushroom, ham & tomato quiche
    – The end result of my early morning sewathon… A rainbow scrappy start for my mouthy stitches swap partner.

**  We also baked chocolate rice crispy slice. Yum.

**  I am starting to feel my sewing mojo creep back into my bones.

**  This makes me so happy I could just jump up and down clapping with glee

**  My washing machine decided to break today 🙁 BOOooooooooo

**  The repair man can’t come until late Thursday afternoon so on the plus side (if there is one) I’m really thankful that I got caught up on washing yesterday (4 loads).

**  Boo hiss that the cheeky quilt was the item that overloaded it and caused it to break though 🙁 I now have a dripping wet quilt to take to the laundromat tomorrow.
Hopefully the colours don’t all run eeeek!

**  Today Abbie had a tantrum all around the supermarket again.

**  That’s about 10 for 10 trips and I think I’m just going to have to resign myself to going back to online shopping.

**  She has officially passed the benefit of the doubt stage – gah sadly it’s a fact – my beautiful whirlwind of a daughter turns into a devil child when out in public.
It’s so not cool.

**  Yesterday it got to at least 32 degrees and was the hottest day so far for the season. So we had our first paddle at the beach…

First swim of the season

**  It was a little cold in the water for a proper swim. I think we need a few more days over 30 in a row to warm it up.
But it was nice to just hang out and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine…

My two cuties

**  I love our local beach and feel so lucky to live just a few blocks away!!

**  We had home made rice pudding for dinner tonight.

**  It felt very decadent and lazy having a dessert for dinner. Though I feel like we deserve it after our productive few days.

**  I am {not so} secretly looking forward to the girls’ bedtime tonight so that I can pour myself a glass of wine and watch the Australian X Factor elimination night.

And that is us in all our random glory…


  1. We used to have a horror time doing the shop with my little boy, in the end I got him a clip board with a pen attached. Before the shop we’d do a shopping list with pictures out of the promotion leaflets, or get him to draw or write a list and when he was in the trolley he could tick off the list.
    We started with 10-15 minute shops and then built up…it worked a treat and quieter shopping trips :O)

    Glad your sewing mo jo is back too..

  2. A friend of mine told her twin daughters that if they kept acting up in the supermarket she was going to sell them on eBay when they got home. Unfortunately a fellow shopper overheard and did not see the humour in it!!

  3. I wonder why Abbie does that, I wonder if there is something in the environment there or something. Don’t give up, maybe you will find the solution, or a babysitter who can watch them for an hour while you get off to shop. Nice to see you at the beach.

  4. Yeah for a returning mojo 🙂

    Want to borrow one of my kids? They’ve been exceptionally well behaved this week ( so much I’m starting to wonder what’s going on) and let me have plenty of sewing time.


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