Tuesday Tidbits…


    **  Not a lot to report this week

    **  My head is not in a “blogging” frame of mind. Have you noticed I’ve been a bit more quiet than usual?

    **  Probably because I’ve been so tired with jetlag and I only sewed on the weekend for the first time in nearly 3 weeks!

    **  That leaves not a lot to write about really…

    **  When I did sew over the weekend I sewed like a mad thing though. I made a huge bunch of custom orders and 5 dresses for market stock in the last couple of days.

    **  It’s probably no wonder that I accidentally fell asleep reading my book at 7pm last night while I had a “quick rest” and waited for the girls to settle…

    **  I’m not 100% sure what happened after that, and how long they took to go to sleep, but I AM sure that I fell asleep before them.
    Ooops lol…

    **  My new quilted cushion pattern will “officially” be out tomorrow with a giveaway. Although just between you and me you can unofficially already find it in my shop as of this afternoon if you wanted to have a look before tomorrow…

    **  And since every post needs some pictures I’ll show you some photos I took at the zoo on Saturday… I’m loving the fact that the kids are now older and I don’t have to pack the kitchen sink every time we go anywhere, because it meant that I could take my camera with my big lens.
    Check out what we saw…

    **  Not bad hey. I’m pretty pleased with how they came out!

    See you tomorrow…


    1. Kids love the zoo …and it’s fun watching them having fun.

      Have you got the results of your tests back yet ? A week seems a long time to be suffering ordinary jetlag. Maybe a trip to the doctor is in order?

      Make sure you take care of yourself and dont over do it.


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