Tuesday Tidbits….


**  I am not impressed to report that I’m into Day 5 {or more} of my crippling headache & it’s still not showing any signs of letting up.
Gah! I’m so over it…

**  Miss Hannah is also feeling rather poorly today. This morning she declined breakfast & took herself back to bed. You always know that’s not a good sign right Mums? After a nap she seemed a lot better so we nipped into town to check the mail.

Bad idea.
Bad BAD idea.

We never got to check the mail. Instead I had to promptly turn around for home and spend a good hour cleaning up sick from my car. Hannah has not moved from the couch all day poor thing.
Although just in the last hour she’s shown signs of improvement and I think we may be on the other side.
I can tell this because she has started bossing me about again –
I will take that as a good sign! 😉

**  A small confession – I’ve never been great with sick.
I know, I know – who is right?
But for me it has been almost a life long phobia. It actually used to cause me serious amounts of anxiety as a child. I lived in fear of seeing ‘it’…
After spending almost the entire 9 months I was pregnant with Hannah with severe “morning sickness” (Morning? HA!) to the extent that I had to go into hospital for dehydration several times, I got a little better with it.
But after Hannah got deathly sick with Rotavirus a few years ago and was hospitalised with it for a week after her blood turned acidic and she couldn’t seem to recover, I will never NEVER be able to relax when my kids are sick again ever. Especially when they continue to be sick.
I just could not stand seeing a tiny body wasting away in front of my eyes in a hospital bed ever again!

**  Why am I writing this down? Well… needless to say – Hannah’s sickness did not help my headache… All the stress of worrying about her, eeek my head could just explode even more!

**  I did manage to get in a little sewing this morning before all this happened. (Since Abbie woke up at 4am and wouldn’t go back to sleep… bet you want to swap lives with me right about now!)

Love these cushions! That timeless treasures print must be one of my all time favourites. These are both available in my shop.

I also made 2 dresses last night…

Love that Heather Bailey print on the bottom as well. Shame I don’t have more of it…

Those are both for Market/Shop stock as well.

**  I’m getting there with my market stock for my 2 boutique markets in March. Although I still feel like I have a heap to do and with my trip to NZ looming next week I’m wondering when it’s going to get done.
But I’m sure it will. At some point…

**  Sorry for the TMI (too much information) today. Hopefully my blog will be returning to a cheery place to visit again asap!
But I like to keep this diary real, so take what you will 😉


  1. Oh you poor thing, hope your feeling better soon. And you poor daughter, being sick is never nice; for the vomitee and the cleaner upper. Like you I just have this thing about it, just seeing it makes me involuntary join in, ewwww!

    Anyhoo, hope your all feeling in tip top shape soon, great dresses and love the pillow!

  2. oh poor thing and you too, hope you both get better soon and that it’s just a 24 hr thing.
    I remember driving too and one of my kids getting sick in the car, it was in the summer on the way back from a trip to the zoo, I was chaperoning but had my daughter with me so she was maybe 4. my son was 6, we had arby’s for lunch, I think that’s what did it, I don’t know, but she threw up, then I pulled over, had her continue outside in the grass, pulled off her sweater or outer shirt, then drove a little more, then she did it again, all over her clothes, by then I had my son take off his t shirt and her put in on, otherwise just in her underwear and his shirt, him just in shorts and we rushed home, I actually don’t remember if any got on the car floor or not….
    also when the kids were babies or toddlers, I remember if they were sitting on the couch and they started throwing up, I would cup my hands and catch it, and then look at it and think to myself, ONLY a mom would do this to avoid getting it on the floor/ couch. ewww. -hands are easier to clean I guess.

  3. Sending you a massive hug, sorry I cant pop round to give you a break for a couple of hours – sounds like lying down in dark silence with a cold compress might top up your reserves a bit

  4. Ugh, poor you and poor Hannah! Have you had your blood pressure checked? I had a migraine that lasted over a week last year, and they discovered that my normally low blood pressure had shot through the roof (although we have no idea what was cause and what was effect) I got some migraleve powders and thankfully it toddled off after a couple of days.

    Totally with you on the sick thing, apparently I was 5 before I was actually physically sick as a child, and my mum says it scared me to death. I’ve never been good with it, even when I had labrynthitis for 8 weeks and couldn’t stop being sick I’d do anything to avoid it!

    Love the cushions though, that’s a fab line, and the wee dresses are cute too

  5. Miss P had several serious touch and go moments as a young baby and into toddler hood so I hear you on the “Cant relax at all when they’re sick” thing. It’s awful.

    I dont mind vomit …but cant stand dribble.

    Hope things start looking up .

    Your projects look great. Im crushing on those cushions !

  6. Oh I hope she is feeling better already…hopefully thisnis a 24 hour bug. Nohing like having to put a pull up on a completely potty trained little girl and clean up those messes….but that’s why they pay us the big mom bucks!

  7. Again, trying to catch up on your blog!
    Sorry you & the kiddos have not been well. 🙁 Hope that by now you’re all in tip-top shape!

    I LOVE those pillows! Great job!!!


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