My Creative Space…


My Creative Space was a humming today! YAY for time to sew!!

After a couple of weeks hosting Neil’s Mum and a few days away last week I was really looking forward to getting back in there and spending some carefree creative time. I really *needed* to get in there if you know what I mean…

First on the agenda was some “scrappy” cushion {pillow} covers, followed shortly by some pretty dresses…

My creation
Not all made today obviously, but the cushion covers & a couple of dresses were…

Satisfying – I think so!!

These are all now listed in my shop.

I also received a rather large fabric order, which I’d totally forgotten I’d even made, since mail takes so long to get here (like 4 weeks or so). They somehow stuffed up my address and it had half of our home address & half of our PO Box address on, so it got delivered to home for a chance. That was rather embarrassing to have to sign for at 10am since I still wasn’t dressed yet – am I the only one who can’t be bothered to get dressed some days?
But it was a nice surprise bonus anyway and obviously I had to cut into it straight away πŸ˜‰

Also just to let you know that I’m having a giveaway over on my Facebook page at the moment for a $10 voucher for my shop. To enter you simply just need to have ‘liked’ my page and leave a comment on the giveaway status update. Currently it’s looking pretty empty so you should over and enter since at this stage you would stand to have a really good chance at winning!! πŸ™‚
{Plus it will help me feel a little less like a no mates lol…}

The giveaway is open until Wednesday 8th February at 8pm Western Australia time.

More sewing on the agenda tomorrow if I get the chance. I think I might *need* to sew tomorrow as well to take my mind off of leaving Hannah at school for the first time…

We shall see…



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