Tuesday Tidbits…


    Here is my list of totally random “tidbits” for the day…

    **  Today was a perfect Perth summers day….

    **  Temps got a little hot at one stage, getting to 34 degrees C. But with perfect blue skies and a light breeze, who could ask for better weather otherwise?! I love it when the sun shines!

    **  Perfect weather for (as the Australian’s say) “Icey poles”… (Ice blocks? Ice lollies?)

    **  Want to see the (main) reason for my lack of sleep recently?

    **  Please excuse the worlds worst photo – but that’s Abbie finally asleep in her new big bed. We moved her into it a few days after Christmas and it has taken her until the last couple of days to get the hang of it.
    – So I wasn’t exactly going to muck about trying to get a photo after she FINALLY fell asleep after hours of screaming and getting out of bed.

    **  I have two words to describe the experience:


    **  That is enough said. If you ask me sleep deprivation is a slow form of torture!

    **  Which is making me all the more appreciative of the TV I got for Christmas for our bedroom, to go with the DVD player I got for my birthday. I’m not usually a TV watcher myself (which I’m sure you can guess by how much stuff I make) but at 5.30am when the kids wake up early and won’t go back to sleep, after a VERY unsettled night with Abbie, then this is my new best friend…

    **  Quiet movie time for the kids = roll over and go back to snooze time for Mumma!

    **  Speaking of being a Mumma… Yesterday I took friends of ours that had just had a new baby dinner, meaning that I could fill up my baby cuddle tank and get all clucky, much to my husband’s disgust….

    ** I should note that I’m not usually a clucky person and never have been. But now that we are done with growing our family, something has changed in me and all of a sudden I love to cuddle babies. What’s with that?!

    **  I think it’s making Neil pretty worried LOL!

    **  Want to see the state of my sewing room?… Still working my way through the endless scrap supply…

    **  But they look pretty cool once they’re cut – here is a little portion of the ones I’ve cut…

    **  K I hear fighting, that means it’s time to come in from playing outside and put the munchkins to bed…

    See ya


    1. It was just a tad too hot for my liking yesterday!
      Sleep deprivation is the worst form of torture…thankfully kids get to the point where they can’t gt enough sleep…trust me 🙂

    2. You look fabulous holding that baby Kat . Maybe you need just one more of your own!

      Cant wait to see your blog posts about having to pry your kids OUT of bed with a crowbar when they’re teens. They’re about as active as sloths from around 14…


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